at a glance


* Tithi ( start / end timings)


* Nakshatra -Start / End Timing


* Rashi ( Zodiac )


* Next Purnima / Amabasya


* Sun Sign


* Bengali Calendar


* Driksiddha

or Bisduddha Siddhanta Method


* Lahiri Ayanmsa


* For any Longitude / Latitude


* Eclipse Details


* Search Eclipses at your Place



* Uday Lagna / Asta Lagna




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We Proudly Present Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika (Driksiddha Panjika) Software for Computer

at last long awaited PC (Windows) version of Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika or Driksiddha Panjika Software v1.0 is released.

>> Detailed Panjika Information such as Tithi, Naskhatra, Rashi, Yoge, Karana available completely tally with Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika (Scientific Panjika) available and even thousand times more accurate..


>> Convert any Gregorian Calendar date to Bangla Calendar Date (Bangabda) for thousand of years.


>> Prepare most accurate birth chart from the output data.


>> Chandrasuddhi, Tarasuddhi Information


>> Birth Rashi and Dasha


>>Amritjog, Sunno-jog, Bokro-jog, Baarbela, Kaalbela and other timings calculation.


>> Rise and Set of all planets.


>> Grahasphuta... Longitude of all planets with velocity.


>> Lahiri Ayanmsa Calculation.


>> Lagna Rising Times.


>> Bisuba Samaya, Kaal Samikaran, Rabi-kranti.


>> Sraddha Timing.


>> Diba Muhurta, Ratri Jamardha Time Calculation.


>> Detailed and Scientific Solar and Lunar Eclipse (Grahan) Calculation with NASA Level accuracy. Local and Global phenomenon Timings calculation for any place.


>> Output In Full Bengali Font.


>> Planetary phenomenon such as Retrograde / Direct motion calculation, Occulation calculation.


>> Can calculate over wide date range , 5000 BC to 5000 AD, total for
10000 years. its amazing.


>> Can Calculate Mol-Mas or Adhik Maas.


Biddha Siddhanta Panjika Screenshot 1


Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika Screenshot of Eclipse Information


Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika Screenshot of Other Information


Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika Screenshot of Muhurta Information


For downloading, please click here


What is Panjika

The panjika is the Hindu astrological almanac, published in Assamese, Bengali and Oriya. In colloquial language it is called a Panji. In other parts of India Panjika called a panchanga. It is amongst the most popular annual books published in India and is a handy reference for observant Hindus to determine the most auspicious times for their rituals, festivals, celebrations, and pursuits of various sorts including marriage, undertaking travels, etc. Panjika is a sort of a ready-reckoner, or the first source, before one approaches a priest or an astrologer to decide on the details. Even “non-believers” amongst Hindus and those who are not Hindus often consult a panjika for much of the practical information it publishes.

Two Schools of Bengali Panjika Makers

There are two schools of panjika makers in Bengal - Odriksiddhanta. These Panjika follow the 1,500-year-old astronomical treatise, Suryasiddhanta which is proved errornious and invalid for crrent days.


Driksiddha ( some times called Bisuddhasiddhanta Panjika or may be spelled as Vishuddha Siddhanta Panjika ) which is based on planetary ephemeris based on modern formula. A true panjika has to tally with the scientific observation and Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika satisfies the criteria.


Bisuddha Siddhanta Panjika Software

Panjika Software is the world's most amazing Astronomical application for MIDP 2.0 devices and PC (Windows) can calculate the Detailed Panjika, i.e. Almanac Information for any date and time and for any place on your mobile phone and Computer. Information In addition it can also produce the coming festival Reports, Rise set of any planet including Sun for any place and any date.Produces detailed of Astrological info. Such as Tithi, Nakshatra, Rashi (Zodiac), Next Full Moon / New Moon ( Purnima and Amabasya ) dates with start/end times, Bengali Panjika with extreme accuracy. Whats' most interesting that with this software can also calculate the Detailed Report of any Solar and Lunar Eclipses phenomenon with extreme accuracy. This one is very suitable for Hobby or Professional Astronomer. The output of the software is full of Scientific info and suitable for Reasearchers and Eclipse Chasers. Also this application may be employed as Archaeoastronomy software, as it has the challanging accuracy with NASA's Report. Also it can display the Birth Chart or Rashi Chakra, i.e. the full zodiac wheel (called Rashi Chakra) with all planets positions on your mobile screen.


Also it shows the Bangla Calendar Date, Tithi, Nakshatra and other calculation with Driksiddha or Bisuddha Siddhanta Method.


For Calculation of Bangla Date, Bengali Panjika, Festival Dates, Trahyasparsa, Molmaas etc. the Rise / Set of Sun is taken for place at 22°35' North latitude and 88°22.6' East Longitude to meet the Bisuddha Siddhanta rules in Bengal. However, there is also provision to take Rise / Set for the central point of India at Ujjaini to meet the Rastriya Panchanga Calculation Method. For such purpose, Astrological Rise / Set i.e. the Rise / Set of the Center of the Solar Disc is Calculated without Refraction. However, such Rise / Set are taken for Astrological Calculations and Determining the festival dates only.


For Rise / Set Report provided seperately, true Astronomical Rise / Set is calculated, i.e. the Rise of the Upper Limb of The Object and Set of the Lower Limb of The object is taken and all the correction such as Refraction / Abberation is taken to get the true Rise / Set of the Heavenly Bodies.


We have given special care to achieve maximum accuracy of the output result.The timing are calculated with extreme accuacy with ±0.01 seconds, its unbelievable to employ such complex calculation on Java Enabled Mobile Phones and much much accurate than the Printed Copy of Panjika (Almanac) available in the Market. One sample is given below--

We use NASA's JPL DE406 ephemeris in a highly compressed format with some interpolations, Chapront Moon ELP-2000/82 for Lunar Ephemeris, The value used for the Moon's n-dot is -25.858 ["/cy2] (Last proved from Moon Laser Test) and ΔT from Morrison/Stephenson, using Espenak's (NASA) own polynomal description which are known as latest and most correct formula right now. Our Software Reports fully tallies with Bisuddhanta Siddhanta / Driksiddha Panjika and Rastriya Panchanga Published by Govt. of India.

Also our Software is benchmark tested for Archaeoastronomy Software purpose and certified as suitable. see here

as an example for the solar eclipse on 01/08/2008....
the NASA bulletin shows the time of Max eclipse as 10:22:12.1 Terrestrial Dynamical Time and ΔT = 65.6 s, so to get actual GMT time subtract delta t from TDT, and we are gettingtime of max. eclipse 10:21:6.5, see the link.

from the screen shot of my software u can see the time of max. eclipse as 10:21:6.66am.
Above all, Mobile Panjika can produce Almanac information wide range, over 6000 Years, from 5000 BC to 5000 AD, on Driksiddha or Bisuddha Siddhanta Method. It's Amazing.